Thursday, October 1, 2009

The Waring House Benefits from 'Green Story'

After turning away business with just 17 rooms, the owners of The Waring House in Picton, Ontario, decided to add an additional 32 rooms—16 suites in two buildings. The recent additions are highly energy efficient thanks to geothermal heating and air-conditioning and a solar hot water heating system. Guests entering the new buildings through automatic doors notice that the second set of doors will not open until the first set has closed—further helping to save energy.

Other green features include a bio-filter septic system that returns water to the earth as pure water, mattresses with replaceable tops, flapper-less toilets, biodegradable amenities (content & bottles), and the use of natural cleaning products. When it was time to purchase new furniture for the property, the owners chose solid wood furniture made by one of Canada's oldest furniture manufacturers. Towels and robes are made from natural fibers. Energy-efficient electric fireplaces in guestrooms provide supplemental heat. The list goes on....

According to a representative of the property, The Waring House's green story is making a big difference as it attempts to attract group business. In fact, for some groups it has been a deciding factor. What is your property's green story? How are you telling it? At The Waring House, going green is THE story and front and center on the property's website. The Waring House is a good example of a small property doing what it can to minimize its environmental impact. Kudos to the owners for making smart, green decisions when it came time to expand and grow.

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The Refinishing Touch said...

Wow. The Waring House is truly impressive with all the green initiatives it’s implementing as part of its expansion. This is really impressive illustration of how businesses, no matter how small, are improving their properties and benefiting financially by going green.