Monday, October 26, 2009

Building the Case for Green Building

Let's assume you have been asked by your boss to put together a report to justify the construction of a green building. Where do you begin? I highly recommend including a recent article by Jerry Yudelson in your report. In "The Business Case for Green Buildings," Yudelson, the author of several books on green building, states that, "The business case for green buildings is solid, no matter whether one builds directly for a corporate client or construct speculative office or commercial space. By 2012, certified green buildings will hold the dominant market share of new commercial buildings. Now is the time to begin getting experience with this type of project."

In his article, Yudelson lists the 10 "Major Business Case Benefits of Green Buildings." They include:

1. Energy and water cost savings.
2. Increased building valuation from higher profits owing to such savings.
3. Possible incentive payments from government and utilities.
4. Increased rent and occupancy.
5. Productivity and health benefits for office occupants.
6. Risk management (economic, financial, market, legal, political, etc.).
7. Marketing and public relations.
8. Increase in reputation value for public companies.
9. Recruitment and retention of key personnel.
10. Access to capital from responsible property investing funds.

In his report, Yudelson successfully pulls together highlights from some of the most convincing recent studies that support green building. Be sure to check it out. Of course there are many good stories to support green building at as well.

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