Thursday, May 7, 2009

Green Hotels Should Target Green Events

After you have opened a green hotel or greened up the operations of your existing hotel, what organizations should top your list to target for new business? Certainly environmental organizations make the most sense—those most in tune with your own mission. Most cities today have numerous environmental organizations that meet on a regular basis. Why not invite them to meet at your hotel? Green Drinks International is one organization that has been growing quickly with new chapters around the globe. Find out where they are meeting in your local area. Most communities have Sierra Club chapters. Cities with zoos have zoo support groups. Does your community have a local U.S. Green Building Council chapter? If so, where are they currently meeting? Architects and designers also gather regularly. Why not invite them to your property? Are you currently pursuing the national or international level meetings that green organizations will be holding in coming years?

The Hutton Hotel in Nashville, that city's newest independent luxury hotel, and also one of its greenest, recently landed the North American meeting of The Climate Project (TCP), an international nonprofit organization founded by Nobel Laureate and former Vice President Al Gore. The group will be meeting at the hotel from May 14 to 16.

"The Hutton Hotel's commitment to sustainability and conservation made it the natural choice for us in terms of locations for our North American Summit," said Jenny Clad, executive director of The Climate Project. "We are excited to be hosting our event at the Hutton, Nashville's newest hotel in Al Gore's hometown, and to be bringing more than 500 committed TCP climate change ambassadors from across the U.S. and Canada to the area for this significant event."

Congratulations to the Hutton Hotel for winning this new business. Be sure to visit the Sales & Marketing and Guest Columns section of Green Lodging News for additional business boosting ideas.

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