Thursday, April 16, 2009

Make Bicycles Available for Your Guests

I have always enjoyed bicycling. When I was a teenager and in college, it was my only form of transportation. I did not own a car until late in my senior year in college. During my college years I took a couple of very long solo rides. One involved bicycling about 275 miles in three days. Today I still enjoy riding. Unfortunately, where I live in Cleveland, the weather limits the bicycling season to about five months.

This week I attended the New England Eco Hospitality Expo in Nashua, N.H. One of the speakers at the event—the element Lexington's (Mass.) general manager, Chris Hartzell—said his hotel makes bicycles available for guests. The element is certainly not the first property to do this. In fact, I am hearing more and more about properties offering bicycles as a recreational and transportation option. It certainly makes sense. Bicycling is great exercise and obviously generates no harmful emissions.

If your property is located in an area that is bicycling friendly, consider purchasing a small fleet of bicycles for your guests. In order to understand your liability, be sure to contact your insurance company first. Your guests may have to sign a waiver form before borrowing a two-wheeler. Make sure maps are readily available—helmets as well—and keep the bikes tuned up and safe. Your guests will appreciate having the bicycling option and it will demonstrate your concern for the environment.

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