Monday, April 6, 2009

A Sustainability Report Worth Reading

Few hotel companies produce sustainability reports. Even fewer hotels do so. The Rezidor Hotel Group recently released its 2008 report. I highly recommend reading it. (Click here to locate the report.) The report details the company's sustainability strategy, its environmental impact, and its responsible business program. The report also includes an easy-to-scan chart that summarizes the company's accomplishments. Some of the highlights of the report:

1. The company's Park Inn hotels reduced waste by 22 percent in 2008.
2. Those same properties reduced energy consumption per guest night by 14 percent in 2008.
3. Seven percent of the company's hotels have grey water systems in place; used shower water is used for the flushing of toilets.
4. Seventy-one percent of hotels ask suppliers specifically for policies on human rights.
5. Sixty-five hotels obtained third-party certification in 2008.
6. Sixty-two percent of hotels provide organic certified food items.

Will the recession impact Rezidor's goals for 2009? No, says Kurt Ritter, president and CEO, The Rezidor Hotel Group. "Our commitment to social, environmental and ethical business conduct will by no means be impacted by the current downturn," he says. Be sure to check out Rezidor's report.

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