Tuesday, January 20, 2009

A Step Forward in Our Evolution?

Evolution is something I think about every now and then—especially today. I am not referring to whether or not humans decscended from lower forms of beings. What I am referring to is evolution of thought—the ability for an entire society to take one giant leap forward in thinking, to leave behind prejudices, even for just one moment in history.

No matter how you voted in November, Inauguration Day, this incredible day today, is a moment to celebrate our ability to see every man, woman and child as having equal value and potential. For so many African Americans and others, it will feel as if all barriers have been broken—even if for just one moment. It is a day worth celebrating—everywhere in the world, not just here in the United States.

The selection of Barack Obama as our 44th president is a giant step forward in our history—a sign of maturity. It is as if a younger generation, a multicultural mix of millions of positive thinkers, has rejected and thrown out an old way of thinking—one that sees the world in black and white, without hope and possibility. Time will tell if this new president is able to help to bring the kind of change we all long for. One thing is certain: It will never happen if we don't help him.

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