Monday, January 12, 2009

A Glimpse at Gen X and Y's Green Habits

Nearly 75 percent of 18 to 34 year olds say they are more likely to visit an attraction that is pursuing environmentally friendly practices, according to a national survey released by PGAV Destination Consulting, a planning and design firm and the Missouri Botanical Garden. The survey results were reported in Environmental Leader. According to the report, a commitment to sustainable practices will be supported with spending behavior. Almost 60 percent of people under age 35 expect to pay more for green attractions, and they will pay more than 10 percent more. Most of these consumers (nearly 65 percent) expect their spending on green products to increase over the next 12 months.

Visitors look for specific signs of environmental commitment: recycle bins, energy efficient lighting, solar panels, selling food/beverages in biodegradable containers, reusable shopping bags, and offering water in biodegradable cups rather than plastic. Recycling is a nearly universal expectation for green attractions with more than 80 percent across all consumer segments saying that recycling is very representative of an environmental commitment.

LEED Certification, the standard system of sustainability measurement, ranked last as an outward sign of environmental commitment valued by attractions visitors. It is likely that the LEED rating is less known and less understood by the general public. Gen X and Y are also taking personal responsibility for environmental actions: More than 75 percent reduced water consumption, more than 61 percent reduced energy consumption and nearly 39 percent have already purchased green products.

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Fredrich said...

I wondered about giving away reusable shopping bags with a logo. I found a company that has nylon bags that will do custom screen printing ( The "problem" that I'm wondering about is if my customers will object to nylon. I really want/need them to handle getting wet and be able to dry out quickly, so a "renewable" like canvas is not optimal. I'm also looking for something that can be stuffed into your pocket, and nylon is very compact. I need to float the idea here and with my customers.