Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Some Insight Into Hotels' Green Practices

One of my industry friends, Kit Cassingham, owner of, just posted some interesting information regarding the extent to which hotels are participating in green programs. Her numbers are based on what hotels listed on her site are reporting. A total of 3,012 of the properties listed on her site report having green programs. Not surprisingly, the top three action steps the hotels are taking are related to improving indoor air quality (2,447 hotels), and conserving energy (2,300) and water (2,110).

The following are some of the other green initiatives the properties are participating in: durable service items (1,954); educate staff to green (1,787); promote green in PR (1,525); hotel recycling bins (1,454); maintenance for conservation (1,436); educate guests to green (1,326); towel reuse (1,209); environmental cleaning (1,126); sheet reuse (1,145); eco-friendly food (934); organic food (799); recyclable disposables (655); donating to charity (647); and composting (597). For a complete rundown of Kit's findings, click here.

Kit rightly points out that those properties not promoting their green efforts are missing out. "Why only about half of the listed hotels promote their green programs on their websites baffles me," she says. "Only 1,525 hotels mention even in the slightest way they have a green philosophy, much less go into any detail about what green actions they take. With the trend of going green I'd think more hotels would elaborate about exactly what they do that's sustainable."

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