Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Pillows for Patriots Worth Supporting

Most of us take a good night's sleep for granted. We also think very little about the pillows we sleep on each night. It is difficult to believe but many U.S. troops in Iraq and Afghanistan do not have pillows to sleep on. Their pillow each night is often rolled up clothing. When you think about it, a standard-size pillow would be cumbersome to carry in a backpack. But a small pillow that is packable and half the size of a standard one? That is possible.

When a client of mine—Beaufort, S.C.-based Harris Pillow Supply—received a call from a local mother in late July asking for filling to make pillows for her son—a captain in the U.S. army—and some of his soldiers, the company offered to make and donate the pillows. Harris Pillow Supply committed to donating and making 250 pillows and since has been making additional pillows at cost as part of a "Pillows for Patriots" program that was launched by the aforementioned local mother and another family. Harris Pillow Supply has now made approximately 3,000 pillows for U.S. troops.

"We will continue to participate as long as we can," says Patrick Harris, vice president of Harris Pillow Supply. "It was the least we could do. I am honored to do a small thing for those guys that sacrifice so much. The pillows are small enough to fit in a backpack and we vacuum pack them for shipping."

To learn more about Pillow for Patriots and to donate dollars for the program, contact either Barbara and Dave Farrior at (843) 525-9262 and bfarrior@charter.net, or Jenny and Ken Bush at (843) 525-6578 and bluecrab2@islc.net.*

*Pillows for Patriots is not a registered charity. All of the donations are used to actually make and ship the pillows directly to troops.

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