Monday, March 9, 2009

Accommodate Those Travelers With MCS

It is estimated that 15 percent of the population suffers from multiple chemical sensitivity (MCS). MCS is a medical condition in which individuals develop symptoms from very low levels of chemicals in the environment, levels which they previously tolerated and which most people don't even notice. MCS usually results from exposure to toxic chemicals, either in a single massive dose or from long term exposure to low doses.

Assuming the U.S. population is currently 305 million people, almost 46 million people of those individuals are impacted by MCS. Many of those people travel and are always on the search for places to stay where the air is cleaner, where insecticides and toxic cleaners are not used, where volatic organic compounds (VOCs) are not present, and where smoking is certainly not allowed.

In the past I have been in touch with the owners of the Safer Travel Directory. I just learned that this guide has a new owner. Her name is Kathleen Gray. Kathleen says she is understanding of the needs of people with MCS, as her daughter has been chemically sensitive for 17 years. For a very reasonable fee, the Safer Travel Directory lists those properties that are friendlier to those with MCS. Be sure to check out the website. It includes a Resources page with links to helpful websites, tips, and links to suppliers of products for those with chemical sensitivities.

If you are not targeting this type of traveler, you are excluding a lot of people who could be staying at your property. Is that a wise idea in this economy? (See article mentioning company profiting from implementation of PURE rooms.)

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