Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Exploring 'Green' Alternatives to Hotel Key Cards

I have been doing some research on environmentally friendly key cards. I amazed at how many companies are selling these. (Be sure to look for an article on "green" key cards at the Green Lodging News website soon.) I am curious to know whether or not you have tried any of these key cards at your property. If so, how have they worked out? Have you had more guest complaints than usual? More compliments? Please let me know by writing to

I have come across cards described as 100 percent biodegradable—even though they are made from a type of plastic—cards made from corn-based material, cards made from recycled plastic, and even cards made from wood. I think it is great that companies are offering more eco-friendly versions of key cards. For the most part, the traditional plastic variety are eventually thrown away after guests take them home or once they are no longer useable. With hundreds of thousands of hotel rooms using these cards, it is definitely a waste management concern.

The next time you check in or out of a hotel, take a second look at your key card. Be sure to tell the person at the front desk or the hotel manager that there are better alternatives to the traditional plastic ones that in a small way contribute to our dependence on oil. Chances are, they have never even thought about it.


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